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The JIM Engagement Program

At the JIM Foundation, our mission is to provide the means to quantify impact aligned with industry standards, contributing to impact harmonization for the financial sector in emerging economies. That is why we partnered with PCAF, which is responsible for setting the Global Standard in carbon accounting for financial institutions. PCAF was launched globally in September 2019 and currently has more than 300 banks and investors have subscribed to the PCAF initiative.
Through this partnership, the JIM Foundation is collaborating with development financial institutions (DFIs) and multilateral development banks (MDBs) to provide technical assistance to financial institutions (FIs) operating in emerging economies that want to do carbon accounting, but do not yet have the means to do so. 
Our scaling model is the following: 

  1. We jumpstart carbon accounting and impact reporting in the banking sector by onboarding 25 FI’s in different regions to test the JIM and find areas for improvement. 

  2. With an improved version of the JIM, we further test and improve the model by onboarding additional FI’s in different regions

  3. We reach 500 financial institutions in emerging economies are regularly disclosing reliable carbon accounts as part of their transition planning, this will constitute a “tipping point” whereby carbon accounting in the financial sector becomes the norm, instead of an exception.

The five phases for the 25 financial institutions (FIs) taking part in the program are the following:

Change Curve JIM.png

Currently we have partnered with 12 FIs taking part in the program, out of our total goal of 25.

This program is a modest contribution to total climate finance flows (US$ 5million are needed to provide free access to the tool for a further 500 banks), but we believe it’s a crucial intervention to make climate finance deliver.

  •  Are you interested in joining our efforts?

  • Are you a financial institution investing in emerging markets interested in using the JIM? If you are:​​

    • A commercial bank,​

    • Located in an emerging economy

    • And your organization is interested in jumpstarting their carbon accounting journey

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