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JIM 3.0

The JIM 's next update, JIM v.3.0 will be released in mid-October. 


The JIM v.3.0 will include, amongst other things:

  • Updated GTAP tables and other macroeconomic statistics including more up-to-date information to better reflect current economic flows. The updated statistics will include 22 more countries, primarily increasing our coverage in central Africa. Furthermore, these new statistics will also expand the sectors of the JIM, by including the GTAP power module which will improve the renewable energy estimates by disaggregating the Electricity sector.

  • Ex-ante estimations, which will enable the JIM to be used ex-ante versus only post-ante as it is currently recommended. Guidance on the difference between applying the JIM will be made available.

  • Improved user friendliness, which will include items such as a refreshed interface, improved error messages, and an addition to the output sheet to enable easy interpretation of the results.

  • Higher data capacity, expanding the capabilities of the JIM tool.

  • Alignment with regulation and international standards: The JIM will include an SFDR (PAI) module, which will be provided to all members in order to aid financial institutions fulfil their SFDR regulation requirements. PAI's 1-6 will be included. Information on power and electricity consumption will also be available.  It will also include alignment with the PCAF data quality score. It will also include helpful features to further align with TCFD and ISSB disclosures.  

  • Full Spanish version, as a response by the interest generated by the tool in Latin America.

  • And other fixes.

Important to note: 

  • JIM 3.0 will not require new data points; the input sheet will have minor layout changes, but the overall structure and data requirements will stay the same. We will release the JIM 3.0 input sheet ahead of the release. 

  • Updated statistics means that the results will vary from previous JIM 2.0 version, we will provide an overview of sectors and countries with biggest variations between both versions. 

  • To maintain comparability of results between institutions, JIM 2.0 will be discontinued as soon as JIM 3.0 is released.  

More information to come.

With the release of JIM v.3.0, a contribution will be activated. Find more about the contribution here.

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