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The JIM Partnership model

In partnership with development finance institutions (DFIs), multilateral development banks (MDBs) and philanthropies we are onboarding financial institutions (FIs) in emerging markets to use the JIM and become local leaders on impact reporting, enabling knowledge on carbon accounting and economic modelling to be shared locally and regionally. We will provide training to the FIs, benchmark, and aid in setting their climate targets. With additional funding from philanthropies, we can catalyze carbon accounting and economic modelling in developing countries for a Just Transition.

We estimate that by onboarding 500 financial institutions to the Joint Impact Model, which is 20% of all financial institutions in developing countries, we could reach critical mass in impact reporting. Once critical mass is reached all other financial institutions will be compelled to report on their impact, either by external forces such as society (license to operate) or regulations, or by intrinsic motives. This is a necessary step for the Just Transition in the financial sector. For this, we need to be able to keep improving the model, as well as the capacity to provide training and support to the financial institutions in developing countries that are joining the journey to net zero.

Would you like to help us reach our goal? Or are you interested in joining the JIM-PCAF program?

E-mail us at

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