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The Joint Impact Model (JIM) Foundation’s anti-slavery policy

The Joint Impact Model (JIM) Foundation is dedicated to addressing and eradicating modern slavery in all its forms across our operations and the use of our tools. As a pioneer in providing impactful, data-driven solutions, the JIM Foundation's mission is deeply rooted in promoting sustainable development and ethical practices within the investment community.

Since its inception, the JIM Foundation has aimed to support sustainable, long-term growth by providing a robust tool for assessing the impact of investments in developing regions, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Our purpose is to solve the biggest global development challenges by equipping investors with the tools needed to assess the impact of their investments. We are dedicated to promoting impact assessments that prioritize social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and economic empowerment.

Our Tools
JIM Foundation provides comprehensive tools and methodologies for assessing the impact of investments. These tools help investors understand the social, environmental, and economic effects of their investments, enabling them to make better decisions that align with their values and objectives. Our framework focuses on various sectors with a particular emphasis on fighting climate change, empowering marginalized groups, and creating new opportunities for millions of people.

Addressing Modern Slavery
We recognize the potential linkage risks to modern slavery within the investments assessed using our tools. Modern slavery represents one extreme of a continuum of exploitation, often overlapping with other serious labour abuses. To combat this, we take a comprehensive approach, focusing on:
•    Developing Human Resources Management Systems: Encouraging our users to enhance their capacity to manage their workforce ethically and effectively, as well as encouraging their investees to do the same.
•    Engagement with Direct Workforce: Promoting greater interaction and communication with employees to ensure fair treatment and address grievances. Both at the JIM member level and at the JIM Member investees’ level.
•    Oversight of Third-Party Contractors and Suppliers: Improving the monitoring and management of subcontractors and supply chains to prevent exploitation.

Implementation and Oversight
Our initiatives to combat modern slavery are supported by the internal team. We will also collaborate with external consultants when necessary to enhance our capabilities and ensure the highest standards of practice are maintained.

The JIM Foundation is dedicated to eradicating modern slavery through proactive engagement with users of our tools, rigorous oversight, and adherence to the highest standards of responsible impact assessment. By doing so, we aim to contribute to a world where investments can drive progress without compromising on human dignity and rights.

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