The JIM Foundation 

Established in May of 2022, the not-for-profit JIM Foundation strives for an inclusive, aligned, and actionable financial sector that is geared towards impactful investments in sustainable economic development while decarbonizing portfolios. The JIM Foundation manages the JIM and allows for credible oversight of its development. 

Specifically, the JIM Foundation aims to help financial institutions to:

1. Measure impact and gain credibility from investors as the JIM will continue to align to globally accepted standards and best practices including actors in emerging and developing markets.

2. Reduce build and maintenance costs of impact reporting as indicators begin to align across institutions.

3. Build strategic capacity on making impactful Investments. With the tool, clients can benchmark their performance by comparing their impact outputs across geographies and sectors, and by leveraging the tool insights to shape and make impact investing actionable.

More information to come soon. For questions please reach out to