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Bridging the Gap in Emerging Markets: Emissions Data Made Actionable and Accountable

The JIM Foundation is back for CWNYC 2023!

Climate Week New York City is the largest annual climate event of its kind, brining together some 400 events and activities across the City of New York – in person, hybrid and online. Each year, a variety of people and institutions come together to drive climate action. This year CWNYC will be held from September 17-24, 2023, and the JIM Foundation will be hosting an online event, Bridging the Gap in Emerging Market: Emissions Data Made Actionable and Accountable, on 21st September.

Ensuring the accountability of financial institutions holds great significance in the pursuit of a more sustainable and resilient global economy. Through the utilization of the JIM, financial institutions can gain a comprehensive understanding of their climate impact. This equips financial institutions with the tools to make better decisions regarding where their investments should be channelled. Additionally, the publicly available nature of the JIM gives rise to a culture of transparency ensuring that the impact assessment process remains open for scrutiny and accountability, thereby strengthening the commitment of financial institutions in emerging economies to a greener and more equitable global landscape.

Last year, at CWNYC 2022, we established the JIM Foundation as a non-profit, and by now we have over 300 institutions who have requested access to the JIM, and at least 25 who have publicly disclosed figures with the JIM. We are back this year with some exciting new announcements!

At the CWNYC 2023, the JIM Foundation will showcase how the JIM can help financial institutions with estimation of GHG emissions. Additionally, The JIM Foundation is thrilled to provide an exclusive first view of the new interface will look like as well as share invaluable insights gained from members across the globe. Discover how JIM has empowered financial institutions to estimate their environmental and social footprints, elevating their sustainability practices. That’s not all! We will also provide some insight on how the Joint Impact Model aligns with multiple financial regulations.

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