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DEG Southeast Asia Client Forum 2023 - Shaping Tranformation

On 8th September, the JIM Foundation attended the DEG Southeast Asia Client Forum 2023 in Bangkok.

It was a very inspiring session where we got to learn from many industry leaders on how they are tackling the climate crisis. We learned from advisors on how to integrate climate risk in investment decisions and how practitioners are acting now on their transition planning. During the event, we highlighted that decarbonisation effort are accelerating around the world and financial institutions play a key role in enabling a net zero future. Additionally, together with VP Bank, we showcased the JIM application and how it helps transform already available data into action. The urgency of our current climate situation calls for swift, collective efforts – there’s no time to waste. Thank you to DEG for the invitation! It was a great session, and we are looking forward to continued collaboration. It was also very inspiring to see so many people and companies taking action!


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