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FOF: Mobilising Climate Finance via the JIM Foundation

On October 4th, the JIM Foundation hosted an event at the Future of Finance conference organised by FMO - Dutch entrepreneurial development bank. With a pretty full room of people, we had the pleasure to present the Joint Impact Model tool and its upcoming new features. In the Upcoming JIM 3.0 the JIM will have updated macroeconomic statistics and sector expansions, higher data capacity, ex-ante estimations, further regulatory alignment (ISSB S1 & S2, SFDR, TCFD), and improved user experience.

We also dived into what features we plan on releasing in the upcoming years. Some of the new additions we plan to integrate are:

  • Climate and biodiversity risk so clients can receive their carbon footprint as well as the assets that are at risk of experiencing physical risks due to climate change.

  • Transitioning planning: Providing emission forecasting which are aligned with SBTi and NZBA to provide decarbonization scenarios to board rooms.

  • Physical activity tool in collaboration with Climate TRACE, UNEP Climate Finance Unit, and EDFIs for increased data quality for largest most emitting clients by collecting fuel consumption, Agri practices, and satellite data.

The presentation was then followed by an insightful panel session with our moderator Alex MacGillivray and panelists Tanvir Hasan from Eastern Bank PLC., María Luz Martínez Sola from ILX, and Ivo Mulder from UN Environment Programme.

Let's continue to collaborate and pave the way for a more impactful and sustainable financial industry.


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