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JIM for SFDR & IFRS Webinar

Are you a financial institution investing in emerging markets seeking to streamline your SFDR reporting process and stay ahead of the game for the upcoming reporting cycle? Look no further! In this webinar, we provide a comprehensive overview of the Joint Impact Model (JIM) and its wide-ranging benefits for various types of financial institutions, including private equity funds and other investment entities.

On July 25th, The JIM Foundation hosted a webinar online where over 70 people joined. During the webinar, we delved into how JIM can help SFDR reporting by simplifying the process and ensuring high-quality results. Not only did we explore its applicability to PE funds, but also its potential for other investors in understanding and addressing Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) comprehensively, including PAIs 1-6. We also touched upon the recently published IFRS S1 & S2 and how the JIM can help align with these standards.

With JIM, we have already assisted numerous investors in overcoming their reporting challenges. This powerful tool empowers financial institutions to efficiently gather and analyze their data throughout the year, enabling seamless and superior SFDR reporting.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ensure your SFDR reporting is not only effortless but also aligned with the industry’s best practices. Watch the webinar and leverage the JIM’s proven methodology, adopted by a multitude of investors, to achieve outstanding results in your reporting journey. Click on the link below to view the webinar.

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