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JIM Updates

We are constantly aiming to make the Joint Impact Model more comprehensive and robust. To do so, we update it regularly to reflect the latest macro-economic statistics and incorporate model developments. Please read about the updates below! 

(29/07/2021) Update v.1.6 is LIVE

Please read below the list of changes: 

User Interface

  • Provide breakdown of sub-indicators (gender, co2/non-co2, wages/etc.) in the ‘Results’ table;

  • Provide breakdown of sub-scopes (direct, supply chain, induced) in the ‘Results’ table for finance enabling impact;

  • Display the total capital outstanding in the ‘Investment data’ table;

  • Display the power production in the ‘Investment data’ table;

  • In the ‘Comparison’ page, ‘Sel 1’ and/or ‘Sel 2’ are replaced by the client name if a specific client name is selected in the filters;

  • Provide a short definition of the confidence level of results at the bottom of the ‘Results’ table.


  • Enable modelled estimation of direct jobs for clients in the Client input sheet;

  • Calculate 2019 employment statistics;

  • Retrieve 2018 energy consumption data from IEA/EIA (i.e. latest available year);

  • Enable the model to use either 2018 or 2019 statistics (e.g. EIs), depending on the inputted fiscal year;

  • Fix how third party hires input is used, by deducting it from supply chain jobs instead of direct jobs.

Input template

  • Moved the ‘Direct employment’ columns from required inputs to optional inputs, as impact can now be estimated.

Output file

  • Display impact multipliers per mUSD of sales and per mUSD of capital outstanding in two new columns of the Output file. The multipliers’ definition would change depending on the Output sheet: in Employment for instance, it would be ‘jobs / mUSD of sales’ and ‘jobs / mUSD of capital’;

  • Display FIs’ capital outstanding from the finance enabling module in a column next to the ‘Sales’ column.

Additional Info 

  • Please note that the changes to the model engine in the new release will affect impact results. Furthermore, changes to the input template will be made so please make sure to use the latest version (version 1.6!). Please note the new methodology document is also available.

  • We recommend to logout/login to ensure that the update is applied on your browser.

  • Lastly, another release is scheduled in November which will include an alignment to PCAF and improvement on Ex-Ante Methodology.

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