From April 1st 2023 new license fees will be active. While the JIM is a managed by a non-for-profit foundation, these user fees will help us cover user training and model development.

In addition to access to the JIM each institution will have access to:

  • Three yearly 1-on-1 training sessions,

  • Support desk for Q&A,

  • Quarterly joint training sessions for new topics and releases,

  • Focus groups to help prioritize model development.

The fees will depend on firm size and are the following:

*Users will be asked to select their own institutions size. 
**Complete check of input and output data ready for reporting is also available at an additional cost. Please get in touch if you are interested. 
***Number of accounts depend on institution size

We subsidize some small institutions through our grants programs.

For subsidies or questions please reach out to 

User fees.png