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JIM 3.0: What is new?

In a significant stride towards fostering accountability and driving positive change in the financial industry, the Joint Impact Model (JIM) Foundation proudly announces the launch of JIM 3.0. This latest iteration is designed to empower organizations with enhanced features and capabilities, revolutionizing impact reporting in emerging markets.

Key Features of JIM 3.0:

  • Updated Statistics and Sector Expansion: With the release of GTAP 11, JIM 3.0 has now updated macroeconomic data and statistics. This update extends the JIM's reach to 161 countries, offering automatic mapping of over 3000 sectors. The expansion ensures a more comprehensive understanding of the global financial landscape and more recent data.

  • Brand New User Interface: A sleek and intuitive user interface awaits users, promising an enhanced and seamless experience. The revamped design ensures accessibility for both seasoned users and newcomers, facilitating efficient navigation through the JIM output.

  • Ex-ante Estimations: For proactive decision-making, JIM 3.0 introduces ex-ante estimations, empowering users to anticipate and plan for the future. This feature proves invaluable for organizations seeking to align their strategies with sustainable practices and long-term impact goals.

  • Updated Documentation: Complementing the new features is an updated documentation package. A practical user guide, complete with examples, has been crafted to assist users in navigating and utilizing JIM 3.0 effectively. This resource ensures that users, regardless of their familiarity with impact reporting, can harness the full potential of the JIM.

Experience the future of impact reporting by exploring JIM 3.0. To become a member and unlock the full potential of this revolutionary platform request access and we will get in touch with you.


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