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JIM 3.1 is live

Following up the recent JIM 3.0 launch, a new update is available bringing JIM 3.1.

This update brings significant improvements and features aimed at equipping you with easy to access information about the impact of your investment aligned with industry standards.

In addition to the new features of JIM 3.0, JIM 3.1 brings the following:

SFDR Module with Reporting Capabilities:

IM 3.1 includes the integration of the SFDR (EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) module. This addition comes with reporting capabilities specifically tailored for PAIs (Principal Adverse Impact indicators) 1-6, which the JIM enables you to report on with minimal effort.

Extended Dashboard:

The dashboard has been expanded to include more detailed information on each impact, namely GHG emissions, jobs supported, and value added. This enhancement aims to provide you with an easier first look to your results.

Bug Fixes:

Our development team has worked diligently to address and resolve various bugs that arose with the release of 3.0. An overview of the fixes will be available in the change log.

Happy modelling! For any questions, please reach out to


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